About Us

Born after the earthquake to help rebuild San Francisco.

On April 18, 1906, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake shook the city of San Francisco, one of the strongest in North America’s history. The shaking was felt as far north as southern Oregon, as far south as Los Angeles, and as far east as Nevada.

After the quake ruptured the water lines, 30 fires throughout the city destroyed 25,000 buildings on 490 blocks. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the Acacia Glass Company was born to supply windows and glass to the city’s home and businesses.

Today, we are a glass company specializing in custom shower doors, glass railings, mirrors, and high-end window installations. We serve the San Francisco and surrounding areas for any glass needs for residential and commercial projects. We work closely with each client to help them see their vision brought to life, and we provide an insight into the installation of glass to fit the space from the beginning to the end.

What We Do

As a glass company, we provide and install glass for residential and commercial projects, big and small.

We work alongside the client and designer for each project to determine the best outcome for every installation.

Tom is the 4th owner of Acacia Glass. With many years of experience in the glass business, we can offer the best advice and recommendations when it comes to deciding on a shower, railings, or any outdoor / indoor
glass installations.

We have a team of highly skilled professional glaziers who work onsite to perform the glass installations, specializing in showers and deck / railings as well as commercial work.

We are also on hand to answer any questions that may arise during each project and aim to achieve the best possible outcome for every development, priding ourselves with the high level of standard in our products.